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Warning To Gippy Grewal

Recently we have had a number of Dharmik films released including the Chaar Sabizaada and the Rise of Banda Singh Bahadur however whilst the directors have narrated the real life events, they did not allow any human being play the roles in the film. The director used animations for the roles because if he had used any human being to play the role of Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji and the Chaar Sahibzaada, this would have caused outrage.

We now have the release of Bhai Jaita Ji, however the difference is we have an actor/singer playing this role. This film has recently released the posters for the film and the so-called Jathedar of Akhal Takhat Sahib has been seen in the press releases. Watch this video and see how the Sikh sentiments have been hurt again and the actor playing the role is non other than a Sikh himself.

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