Punjabi Bride With Special Dance For Husband


Gone are the days where the brides are shy. In the golden olden days, brides would often hide behind their veils in countries like India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka etc, however now a days times have changed. Brides are not shy and make the most of their wedding day. Weddings …

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Gurdas Mann On Giving Up Alcohol


Lately we have seen various videos going viral, since the release of Gurdas Mann’s new song. We have seen the release of the song, the comments made in relation to the song and Sikh Parcharak Ranjit Singh Dhandrianwale making comments on the song. It is only time before Gurdas Mann …

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Mobile Phone Customer Care Call


Dealing with the public is not always an easy task, whilst dealing with the public over the telephone can be a little easier than dealing with them in public because that way they cannot see you. Dealing with people in person, can often be funny and annoying for the person …

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Baby Rescued From Rubble


The Almighty One has various names, to some he is Allah, Ram, and to others he is Waheguru. We all seem to have divided God however it is fair to say there is One God with many names. Whilst God has made man kind and the world, he is also …

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How Voting Machines Can Be Hacked


Just before the latest Punjab votes, a new electronic voting machine was introduced. Various videos were shown in which, it appears a number of people voted AAP, therefore the buttons were highly damaged. Other videos were shown where the voting s could not be registered. It is fair to say …

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Girl Speaks in Favor of Bhagwant Mann


In as little as a few days the Prime Minister of India has managed to alienate many Indian citizens by his actions in parliament when he made sly remarks about Aam Aadmi Party member Bhagwant Mann. ALthough he may have thought it was appropriate at the time to get a …

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Ferozepur Accident Takes Life of 11 People


Every country tends to have slightly different laws for drivers on the road and they tend to be strict in dealing with those people who break the laws. However, this does not appear to be the case in Punjab as wherever you look you tend to see the majority of …

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Health Tips To Lose Weight in 1 Week


How many people are actually happy with their bodies? Not many, many people work hard to have their body the way they want it, others resort to extreme measures and have cosmetic surgery to have the perfect body. There is the easy way and the hard way. Losing weight is …

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Ram Rahim 50 Lakh Offer Rejected By Sikh Man


Ram Rahim, also known as the Sirse Wale has claimed to be the baba that knows all. He has many followers however he also has many haters because of his antics. He has hurt the sentiments of Sikh’s when various videos were leaked of him. Various stories have come out …

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Treatment For Alcohol Related Issues


Alcoholism is an issue around the world, it was initially an issue with men however it is fair to say the issues now also arises with females. There are also issues with the younger generation and drinking more than their bodies can handle. It appears alcohol is often used to …

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