Beauty Benefits Of Yogurt


Health and beauty products make billions. The products are world wide and can be bought all over the world. It may be cheaper in certain Asian countries that it is in other countries. Various face packs are bought in order to help glow ones skin. Various home remedies were used …

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Must Watch Video For Meat Eaters


Human beings care for their children, just as humans do, so do animals. Animal’s care for their children as much as they can like a human being would do so. The difference is that animals are often eaten whereas humans are not unless you are a dangerous animal, like a …

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Must Watch For All Girls


The world is becoming a dangerous place, boys/men are preying on any and every woman possible. The craze of the Hollywood and Bollywood films along with the songs is hitting the generation of boys in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. When a person goes to buy clothes and try the clothes …

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Remedy To Stop Snoring Permanently


We all know how it feels if your partner or child snores at night. It can be often hard to get to sleep when this occurs. There are various reasons that may cause a person to snore however they may be linked or not. As irritating as it is, the …

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How To Hack WiFi Password


In today’s world, passwords are crucial from banking to Wi-Fi connections. We are required to secure our accounts with passwords in order to protect others from accessing personal information about you or your Wi-Fi connection. It is not recommended to keep the same passwords because if you do then it …

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King Cobra vs Monkey


We have recently watched the a video where a person takes on a Cobra Snake, however the snakes overpowers the man and luckily the man survives. Now we have a different situation with two animals. The situation here is that the animals are not expecting to be challenging one another …

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Son of Roadways GM Dies in Jalandhar


It is never a good time when a parent hears that his or her child has passed away before them. No parent wishes to outlive their child. It is even more hurtful when the child dies at a young age. Whilst we have many looking forward to the New Year, …

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Government Able To Cure Diabetes For 5 Rupees


There are two forms of diabetes, type one and type two. Regardless of the type of diabetes you are diagnosed with, this can have adverse affects on your day to day living. Diabetes is high within in the Asian community, in particular, Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshi’s this can be related …

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NRI Surprises Family With Emotional Return


A mother and child’s love is unbreakable, regardless of how bad the child is, a mother will always forgive her son or daughter. Many mothers have let their children go to foreign countries to better their lives, whether legally or illegally. Whilst the governments trying to crack down on illegal …

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Geet Nu Ik Vaar Jarur Suno


Poverty and begging is a world wide issue. There are more people begging on the streets than before. In Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh you will see various families begging on the streets. However it is not as simple as giving one beggar money, if you give it …

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