Shameful Behaviour With Woman At Beach


The way a person behaved is often a reflection of their personality and can go a long way it determining how they think. For some, peer pressure can make them behave in an unnatural way. However, the majority of people are care free and very independent nowadays. Sometimes a joke …

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Delhi Shooting Caught On Camera


It is fair to say a country like India can be unsafe at the best of times. The policing standard of the country is poor and those who run the country are also only interested in filling their own pockets. The entire future of the country is unstable. The crime …

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What Punjab Police Did With Underage Girl


India is amongst the unsafe places in the world when it comes to receiving any help from the police. This story from Hoshiarpur highlights just some of the situations innocents experience. We hear from a family who has their 15-year-old daughter snatched by the police after a drugs raid resulted …

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Besharam Kuri De Kam Dekhlo


We have entered an age in this world where people will put their self interests ahead of those of their family. Nowadays we tend to see people unwilling to talk through their issues and will instead make rash decisions which they may later regret. In a country like India which …

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Lies Of CM of Punjab Exposed By UK Government


The government of Punjab has been made to look like fools all over the world after their continuous mistakes and stubbornness over Jagtar Singh Johal continues to create news worldwide. The CM of Punjab held a press conference on November 7, where he claimed to have solved the RSS killings …

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Right Wing Group Give Response To Bhagwant Mann


Aam Aadmi Party MP Bhagwant Mann spoke out against the unjust treatment against British Sikh Jagtar Singh Johal and the time he has endured in police custody. Mr Johal was illegally arrested from the streets of Punjab on November 4 and until date there has been no charge against him …

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NIA Deploy Dirty Tactics And Chase Jaggi Johal Wife


It has been almost 8 weeks since the illegal arrest of UK citizen Jagtar Singh Johal. In this period we have seen the UK citizen being processed through court 19 times and no piece of evidence has been recovered as of yet. The case has been passed onto the NIA …

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When Partner Is Caught Cheating


Whilst the people and their thoughts in the Westerns World has advanced, the thoughts and thoughts process in the Asian countries have not. Whilst Western worlds treat both males and females equally there is scepticism that this is not always the case in Asian Countries. We often allow males in …

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Ludhiana Bank Robbery Caught On Camera


Whilst we feel that our money and valuable items are safe in the bank, they money and items cannot always be protected. Whilst it may feel safe to keep the money in the bank, it is not often we hear or see bank robberies in live. Whilst we have people …

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Short Film On Ram Rahim In Prison


Whilst in the public lime light, so-called messenger of God, Ram Rahim, could not be a full success with his film, which he self-directed, self starred and self sang in. It appears whilst some of his followers have started following elsewhere whilst others cannot fault there so-called baba. Even though …

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