Truth About Gurdas Maan And Laddi Shah


The famous Gurdas Maan has won the hearts of many people in the world, he is respected by the Indian and Pakistani Community, he has been honoured by the UK’s queen and met the world’s high profiled people. With his singing career he is highly respected around the world for …

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New Type Of Business In Punjab


People often copy other people and try to get to fame by doing so. We have people who are doubles of celebrities and they often use this to their advantage to make money and use their looks to have a career. We have people who look up to others and …

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Talented Female Truck Driver


There was a time when male children were be all and end all however over time families especially the older generation are not acceptable to female children. The norm in backward thinking countries is that they do not wish to have a daughter and only want a son. However as …

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Bride Dancing At Own Wedding


When a daughter is born, the parents start to think about the day that she will be married, the daughter as she grows up thinks about her prince charming and her dream wedding day. A lot of planing, heartache and arguments take place in planning the perfect day. Although at …

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Daughter-in-Law vs Mother-in-Law


Often in life a relationship between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law can either break or make the family unit. Whilst some mothers are easy-going others are strict, whether this is because their mother-in-law’s were strict or that they were not given the opportunities that the daughter-in-law is. One thing people often …

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Pakhandi Baba Activities Gets Found Out


We often hear about the good stories about people and they often hit the headlines because they sell papers, allow more hits on television in order to make more money. Whilst we have good stories we also have sad stories in the world. The sad stories happen day in day …

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What Sarpanch Did With Daughter In Law


Another sad viral video comes in to existence. When marriages take place, it is not always the union of the couple, it is always the union of two families. However for the bride’s side they are almost always under handed because the groom’s family always have the upper hand. So …

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What Newly Wed Bride Did On Wedding Night


For many they look forward to the day of the marriage. Whether it is a man or a woman, it is often a day to remember for the rest of their lives, whilst a female wants a prince that swipes her off her feet, a man wants a wife that …

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Harman Cheema Trolled


Harman Cheema in a very short space of time has managed to be known world-wide. He has become a world-wide sensation, whether for the right or wrong reasons, you decide. Whilst in the recent years we are seeing more and more people who are coming into the lime light for …

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Aa Dekho Ajj Di Janta Da Haal


In today’s world everyone wants to be famous, or they want to be there to take the credit without actually doing anything. Often people are happy to make fools of themselves to be famous or be in the limelight. They forget about their self respects and their dignity. Is it …

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