Sad State Of Punjab


Today’s societies are like sheep, when one follows a trend then others follow the foot steps. When the wind blows the other way the people follow that route. Knowing the right and wrong way is not always easy to know. This video shows a trend that should not be followed, …

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Woman Seeks Help From Wrong Person


People have started to follow human beings instead of having faith in their religions, whilst we all know that there is only one God, and the Almighty One has different names, we have other human beings who claims that they can predict what will happen next and that they have …

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Couple Caught Selling Children


When a man and woman get married, the next thing the families expect is a child, for the fortunate they are blessed with a child whilst others may not be fortunate to be blesses. Some take the view of not resorting to alternatives such as adoption or foster parenting. Others …

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Warm Milk With Honey Benefits


We are all aware of the benefits of drinking milk and having money. Whilst milk is good for the bone and provides calcium, honey is good and helps sweeten foods and also helps you lose weight. So if you mix both of them then,one may say that it will have …

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What Happened With Girl On Bus


Whilst recently we have seen videos where men are misbehaving with women or making comments that are not fit to use against your own mother or sister in public place. We have others where the men do something extraordinary that can not be imagined. In this video it shows that …

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Auto Rickshaw Incident With Girl


Men often take advantage of women, whether it is in a work place or a public place, the trend seems to be that men think they are better than women and they have a right over them. It really takes a strong woman to stand up and put a stop …

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Punjabi Girl With Message To Youth


Nowadays girls are not scared to speak their mind. They are outspoken and not shy, whilst we do have some girls that are like this, we have others that are not like this. In today’s society we have come to learn that both are equal and both deserve to be …

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Bus Drivers Engagage In Race


We have seen races between young boy racers, who wish to be like rally drivers. People often forget that rally drivers are profession drivers and trained at what they do on the racing track. It is not always easy to do this on the normal roads because there are human …

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Cost Of Marrying NRI


We often trust our loved ones, especially our family members, whether they are your direct family members or your cousins from the same family. You do not expect them to betray you or your other family members. However the situation in the Asian countries is that a father cannot trust …

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Homemade Oil To Keep Your Hair Fresh


There are various shampoos available on the market to cleanse our hair however doe the shampoos look after our hair and its roots, we do not know. If we have dandruff, we look for shampoos to get rid of the dandruff, if we have greasy hair, we often look for …

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