What Happened When Girl Was Caught Red Handed


A lot of people like to participate in social experiments. These experiences can serve them well in the long-term and in some instances they can have an adverse effect. Many of the younger community will experiment with different partners in this day and age and will have different partners before …

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What 3 Men Did To Woman


India has a major problem with dealing in crimes against females. There are a number od reasons for this, some of which include the way females are treated and the stigma attached with several incidents. Families are too concerned about their social status than what happens to their child and …

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What Babbu Maan Did To Rupinder Handa


There is no doubting the biggest Punjabi singer in India is none other than Babbu Maan. The singer is well-known for having sell out shows and has the most solid following of all artists. Recently the singer released a track in which he compares his fans to himself and it …

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Eye Witness Statement of Vicky Gounder Encounter


Harjinder Singh Bhullar aka Vicky Gounder was laid to rest earlier today. Since the police “encounter” which led to his death, there have been many questions. Most notably the exact circumstances of how he was killed. The police have their version of events, which as usual is riddled with holes …

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Real Reason Behind Vicky Gounder Encounter


In the case surrounding the death of Harjinder Singh Bhullar, more famously known as Vicky Gounder, the police have had their say. However, nobody outside of law enforcement believes their version of events. Punjab police have a long and proven track record of eliminating those who pose a threat to …

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Footage From Vicky Gounder Funeral


The last rites of Harjinder Singh Bhullar took place today in front of a large crowd. There was some debate yesterday as to why the body of the murdered Sikh youth, better known as Vicky Gounder was not handed over to his family. However, after clearing this issue, the body …

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Shera Khuban Response To Punjab Government


A statement was released by the Chief Minister of Punjab, Captain Amarinder Singh where he congratulated the Punjab police and paid particular attention to DGP Suresh Arora and DGP (Intelligence) Dinkar Gupta. This message was for the killing of Harjinder Singh Bhullar, aka Vicky Gounder. The rulership of Amarinder Singh …

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Sukhbir Badal On Vicky Gounder Encounter


Sukhbir Badal of the Shiromani Akali Dal party has been too silent in recent times in regards to the current state of Punjab. He is only being appearing on news channels recently due to the mistakes and behaviour of the leading party. As a member of the opposition party, it …

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Family Reaction To Vicky Gounder Death


The entire state of Punjab in India is still coming to terms with the surroundings of the encounter of Nabha jail break inmate Vicky Gounder. Named by his family as Harjinder Bhullar, who was not even 28 years old at the time of his death was famously a part of …

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Footage Of Vicky Gounder Encounter


As the majority of India celebrated Republic Day on January 26, there was echoes of 1984 being repeated all over again. The minorities of India protested against India as Black Republic Day and on the very same day Punjab police encountered Vicky Gounder. The Punjab police were on the search …

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