Home Made Method For Quick Pain Relief


We have all been in a situation where we have pulled a muscle or strained our ankles. It is often an unbearable pain and we rely on physiotherapy or using the likes of deep heat sprays to recover. The spray is a short term solution and physiotherapy is a long …

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Warning To Gippy Grewal


Recently we have had a number of Dharmik films released including the Chaar Sabizaada and the Rise of Banda Singh Bahadur however whilst the directors have narrated the real life events, they did not allow any human being play the roles in the film. The director used animations for the …

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How To Make Your Own Organic Shampoo


Getting rid of dandruff from your head can be a problematic issue. There are various shampoos that are available however some of them do not work for you. There are various anti dandruff shampoos that are in the market however sometimes these are worse for your dandruff. If you consult …

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How To Resolve Cash Problem


President of India, Narendar Modi declared a war on black money and decided to ban 500 and 1000 Indian Rupees notes with immediate effect. New 2000 Indian Rupee notes were to be introduced. This may have tried to curve black money laundering however it also had an immediate effect on …

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Control Loose Motions With Home Remedy


We have all been in a situation of having loose motions. It can be embarrassing when this happens and it can also be annoying having to keep going to the toilet very quickly. It is more annoying when you have work commitments and you are in this situation. Although there …

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Ferozpur Police Wale Di Gundagardi Dekho


The police are supposed to be there to protect the public however often in Asian countries we see the police overstepping the mark and use of their power. The Asian countries are not the only countries where this happens, we have recently seen videos of how the police in America …

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Remedy For Urine Problems


Having problems in private areas can be a delicate time whether you are a woman or a man. It is not always possible to have the areas examined by a person of the opposite or the same sex. Many men and women will often just keep the problem hidden. Embarrassment …

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Lose Weight With Ginger Tea


Trying to lose weight is not easy in most circumstances and requires you to put a lot of effort in to do so. Whether you rely on low calorie diet or extreme exercising. We do look for easy ways to lose weight and we have heard of using various home …

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Diljit Dosanjh On 1984 In Front Of Amitabh Bachchan


The attacks on the Sikhs after Indira Gandhi was killed by her Sikh bodyguards were instigated by various politicians however till date no one has been punished for this. Indira Gandhi was killed because she ordered the attach on Sri Harmandir Sahib also known as the Golden Temple. The two …

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Home Remedy For Joint Pain


Joint pains are a common problem in the UK. People are often working in office jobs in which they sit most of the day or standing jobs. With both jobs there are problems of joint pain in your knees. Added with the cold weather in the UK, you are often …

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