Natural Home Remedy For Cracked Heels


We often try to look after parts of our body that are visible to others, i.e. your face, body, arms and legs etc. We often forget about looking after our other body parts such as feet and legs. We often forget that our feet are the most important parts of …

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Tip On Growing Biceps


We often say women are not happy with their bodies therefore they try various methods to make their bodies better. If all fails they resort to plastic or cosmetic surgeries. Men too are often not happy with their bodies, however a number or a majority of them will hit the …

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Beware Of This In Your Toilets


We all this in our house, many houses have more than one of these in their homes. It is only when we re-decorate or change the bathroom, that we change the toilet, otherwise the toilets stays and no one is wiser of what is in the insides of the toilet. …

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Gurdas Maan and Laddi Shah


Recently Gurdas Mann has been all over social media, especially with his new song which was released just after the elections took place in Punjab. The lyrics of the songs have been questioned and the promotions of the song/lyrics as they have contradicted his previous songs. Various people have taken …

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What Indian Girls Think About Beards


In today’s society we are seeing more and more men growing beards. The beards that are grown are quite lengthy and bushy. Whilst some people keep their beards trimmed, the reality is more people are opting to keep beards. Whilst you will see baptised Sikhs keeping long beards as they …

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Rana Gurjit Singh Interview


The Congress Party won the Punjab elections with a high majority of the seats, the combined seats of the other two party’s were less than the Congress Party’s seats. Whilst the Badal father and son won their constituency seats, the majority of the seats were taken by the Congress Party. …

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Gippy Grewal Angered


We all want to do well in our lives, whether we want to succeed by being a top business person, top sports person or top in the field you specialise in. The consequences of fame is having the media follow you, often the media do not report the good deeds …

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HS Phoolka On Meeting With CM


Harvinder Singh Phoolka, a known and respected advocate in India. He has fought fiercely to try to get justice for the killings of Sikhs in 1984. He has worked very hard and for free to fight for justice. He recently joined the Aam Aadmi Party in India and was involved …

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Punjab Cabinet Meeting Discussions


The people of Punjab have spoken, the recent Punjab elections results, gave power to the Congress Party. As the Badal family finish the power in Punjab Parliament, the new Ministers start for there Cabinet Meeting. Before the elections, various promises were made. Now is the time to see if the …

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How Anant Ambani Lost 108kg Weight


There are various inspirational people in the world, from disabled people to over weight people who do not give up in world, the keep carrying on. You will see a number of people who are disabled and do jobs which a person fully fit would not do. We have recently …

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