Problems Faced By Many Families


Every family wishes to be able to live peacefully and without pains and heartache, however it is not possible to always have an easy life. If life was easy and always happy then there would be no issues around the world, the world evolves round bad things as bad things …

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Easy Way To Make Makki Di Roti


Each country has their own specialty when it comes to food. The Italians have pizza and pasta, the French have baguettes and croissants, the UK has fish and chips along with curries. India and Pakistan have chapatis, the most common chapati is made from wheat flour and the other is …

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Donald Trump Green Card Plans


The elections in America, did not go as well as they should have, two candidates that are not liked by the American people, on one hand we have the multi billionaire business tycoon, on the other we have the ex President’s wife. Whilst a winner was declared, millions of people …

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Girls Wedding Dance Performance


The craze for dancing at weddings and having different themes is being followed around the world. Various videos have been promoted around the world where the groom has organised a special song, dance or programme for the wedding day. Weddings have now taken a new turn with a lot of …

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Common Argument Among Punjabi Couples


Asian women and Asian suits. Asian women cannot have enough of these along with the jewellery. Whilst the trends for suits is finishing in India and Pakistan, as often females are wearing western clothes, such as jeans and trousers etc. Suits are still fashionable especially for weddings, parties and other …

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The Truth Behind Punjab Election Result Leak


The elections in India have taken place for Punjab, new electronic voting machines were introduced, alcohol and drugs have been found in various villages. Gone are the days were you could bribe the general public with money, drugs and alcohol. More and more people are thinking logically and properly before …

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Hair Problem Solutions


Different people have different looks, if everyone was made the same then the world would be boring. We all have different personalities and looks. Whilst some people are not happy with there bodies, others with certain parts of their bodies and others who are not happy with whitening hair. A …

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Es Moorkh Driver De Kam Dekhlo


We often cannot believe our eyes when we see the things people do. Often a question asked “if someone told you to jump of the cliff. Would you?”, whilst we many that say they would, we have the sensible ones that will not do this. The few that would, we …

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Ram Rahim Da Nava Kam Dekhlo


Ram Rahim, the fake dera baba, the actor and wannabe singer. Whilst he has portrayed many faces over the last ten years, it is not surprising that he wishes to change his career. Whilst he has many people following him, he is looking to utilising his fan crowd and to …

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Beware Of This Fake Rice


The manufacturing of rice and the production of rice is high in the Asian countries. Rice is supplied around the whole world. Millions are made from the supply of rice and there are various types of rice, along with different brands of rice. Some are more popular than others. Just …

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