Social Experiment On Public Behaviour


Various incidents occur around the world. Various incidents are seen however people turn a blind eye to things as they do not want to be implemented in the problem. Recently video’s were published in which a woman beating a guy was shown and a man beating a woman. Although this …

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In-Laws Demands For Dowry Tale


Whilst we are trying to stop the dowry system in the Western countries, it is still going on in the Asian countries. Whilst we are trying to let the elders know that the world does not evolve around boys only. We still have families who have come to the Western …

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Two Punjabi Youths Set An Example For All


Whilst we have drugs, alcohol and unemployment taking over Punjab, we have some Punjabi’s who wish to stay away from things like this. Whilst we have many singers, artists and actors promoting drugs, alcohol and wrong doings, we have other people bringing people on track and doing the right thing. …

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Dabang Lady Officer From Ludhiana


Whilst the world moves forward, our elder generations are realising that males are not be all and end all. Giving birth to daughters and providing them with the same treatment as males is just as rewarding as giving all benefits to males and not females. More and more families are …

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American Immigration Raid On Punjabi Shop


With Donald Trump’s policies on Immigration reaching high responses, his views are heard world-wide, especially when he declared Muslims from seven countries will not be allowed in to USA. Whilst his announcements have been held to be illegal and over ruled by the Courts. This has not stopped President Trump …

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Punjabi Bride With Special Dance For Husband


Gone are the days where the brides are shy. In the golden olden days, brides would often hide behind their veils in countries like India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka etc, however now a days times have changed. Brides are not shy and make the most of their wedding day. Weddings …

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Gurdas Mann On Giving Up Alcohol


Lately we have seen various videos going viral, since the release of Gurdas Mann’s new song. We have seen the release of the song, the comments made in relation to the song and Sikh Parcharak Ranjit Singh Dhandrianwale making comments on the song. It is only time before Gurdas Mann …

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Mobile Phone Customer Care Call


Dealing with the public is not always an easy task, whilst dealing with the public over the telephone can be a little easier than dealing with them in public because that way they cannot see you. Dealing with people in person, can often be funny and annoying for the person …

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Baby Rescued From Rubble


The Almighty One has various names, to some he is Allah, Ram, and to others he is Waheguru. We all seem to have divided God however it is fair to say there is One God with many names. Whilst God has made man kind and the world, he is also …

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How Voting Machines Can Be Hacked


Just before the latest Punjab votes, a new electronic voting machine was introduced. Various videos were shown in which, it appears a number of people voted AAP, therefore the buttons were highly damaged. Other videos were shown where the voting s could not be registered. It is fair to say …

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