Newborn Baby’s Cry Brings Mother Back To Life


A mother spends nine months carrying a child in her womb, feeding the child, taking the required vitamins etc. A mother’s joy is when she finds out she is pregnant and is required to take full care she is also caring for her child. From the scan pictures to buying …

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Final Message From Newlywed Bride


It is a girls dream to be married to her prince, to have a wedding day that will never be forgotten and to spend the rest of her life with her husband. Parents wish their best to their daughter when they are married off, often the girls parents are put …

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How To Naturally Remove Facial Hair


Women spend hundreds and thousands of pounds on cosmetic products. There are various products on the market to help remove facial hair. Whilst Amritdhari Sikhs including women keep their hair intact as the hair is a gift of God. We have the norm of women waxing or laser surgery their …

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Home Remedy for Diabetes


In the UK, diabetes is highly common amongst the South Asian community, countries such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh often take high sugar however when you are in the UK, you do not have the weather as you do there. High intake of sugars in the UK can be a …

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Jalandher Bus Accident Caught on Camera


We often hear about accidents on the road or motorways. Whilst we have a number of cars, buses, rickshaws, autos, etc on the road, it makes more likely for accidents to occur. When correct signals are not followed you are more likely to crash your vehicle than if you follow …

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Treatment For Those With Paralysis


Stress and trauma is common amongst the working class, the pressures of work, family and domestic chores. Whilst we must work and provide for our family, we must also look after our health. It is easy to let things get to you and things with your health will be escalated. …

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70 Year Old Punjabi Man In Poor State


We have our ancestors to thank for our future. Our ancestors have worked hard to provide us with what we have today, our parents have seen their parents grow up and used the same mentality to provide the same for their children. However the trend seems to change as now …

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Aa Dekho Ki Ho Reha Bus Vich


In today’s society we have started to overcome the issue of the elder generation wishing that women only give birth to boys and not girls. As we are realising that both boys and girls are equal and allowing them to have the same education opportunities as boys, we still have …

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Medicinal Benefits Of Alcohol


We have seen various benefits of various products like carrots, onions, garlic, honey and lemon, amongst many others. Whilst there are health benefits of some of the products on a long-term basis, we have often looked at alcohol as being a product that damages people’s health. Although there are many …

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Talent Show Judges Shocked


Many people have various talents. Talents can be in sport, education, employment, crafts and design, amongst a number of other things. Some people take their talent serious and aim to do better than they are currently doing. Whilst others are happy with they have and do not want to take …

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