Monkey v Dog & Man


Last year we seen the video Singh v Cobra, this year various videos have been broadcasted including Monkey v Dog and Monkey vs Man. The title itself says it all. We all know monkeys are very hard to get a hold off and they are also very fast and trying …

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10 Day Remedy To Beat Diabetes


There are two types of diabetes, for one you may need to be injected and for the other you are required to take medicines to control. Both of these people want to avoid because once diagnosed it can be very hard to get rid of it. Diabetes is common within …

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Home Remedy For Fair Skin


There are various cosmetic products that women use to have a lighter skin or help look after their skin. People are not always happy with their skin colours and often try different products to have a lighter skin, people with light skin want to have it darker and use the …

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Female Officer vs Senior Officer


The mentality of thinking men are better than woman is limited however it is with great disappointment to say that in today’s society we still have men that think this way. Whilst we are trying to get our females progressing in their careers, whatever it may, we also men in …

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Fully English Literate Village


We want our children to progress and be educated. It is good to hear when we know our children are excelling. It is even better news when he hear about children in under developed countries excelling in their education. Whilst people in India are hell-bent in leaving their country to …

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Scary Roads Around The World


We all think we are good drivers. For many of us, who do not drive, they cannot wait until they are of the legal age and they can start learning how to drive. Whilst people drive illegally, the correct way is to pass your test legally and drive after you …

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Health Benefits Of Eating Chickpeas


Our elders are often saying to eat Channa(chick peas) or you see them eating raw Channa. It helps fill you up and also has benefits to help increase your brain power. One may laugh when thinking that how can it help you increase your knowledge, they often help. You can …

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Homemade Remedy For Cough


When we are unwell, we often call the doctors to get an appointment. It is not always easy to get an appointment to suit you especially if you are working. Often you are off work at the weekend however the doctor is closed and you do not want to go …

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Navjot Sidhu In Uncomfortable Position


The people of Punjab chose their new political party, whilst the Badal family have run Punjab how they wanted. Whether they listened to the general public or not, is questionable. When normal people choose a new political party they hope there is change. Whilst normally when a new political party …

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Herbal Remedy For Diabetes


A known common health issue with the South Asian community is diabetes, one of the reasons for this because of the high sugar food diet. There are two types of diabetes and once you are diagnosed with this, it is very hard to get away from it. There are two …

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