100 Years of Beauty of Punjab


A time travel back to 1910 of how women were shy and conservative to 2000 were we now have women that have no shame and do not think twice about their actions. A change in how women dressed and acted from 1910 to 2000, showing the subtle changes made to …

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Sikh Kid Invents New Car


When Punjabi’s put their heart into anything they fulfil it fully, whether it is in politics, acting or singing. We do need to help the youth of Punjab achieve their goals as stopping them will result them in being in a dead-end job. On occasions the youth just need a …

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Lakhwinder Wadali Ne Vadiya Kam Keeta


We have a number of famous Punjabi singers all over the world, many have made a fortune out of their singing talent. Many have promoted drugs, guns and gang related songs, here we have a Punjabi singer that respects the struggle his grandparents faced when they could not have a …

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Potato Harvesting Machine


In Punjab, farming also known as agricultural is where majority of the Kisaans (farmers) make their income, however if it is not weather related or lack of electricity this affects the farmers income, the farmers are not always lucky and on many occasions there work can be wasted due to …

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Ehna Besharma Da Kam Dekho


There are many kinds of people around the world however when it becomes to Punjabi’s the really take the biscuit. There is no patience amongst Punjabis all over the world they always want things first regardless of the side effects or harm it causes whilst they try to grab the …

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Remedies For Clear Skin


There are a number of people that have long lasting marks on there bodies as result of skin issues, however they are not able to stop it from happening. Especially amongst Asian people as they have brown skin and the marks are often white and very visible. Watch this video …

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Remedy for Numbness In Arms and Legs


We all experience numbness in our arms and legs, we know how annoying it is when it happens, however it is usually not within our hands to control it at the time. Now you can follow easy to use steps to stop this happening to you. This video provides remedies …

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Punjab Vich Din Deharey Goliya Chaldiya Hun


The trend followed by many Asian men is to follow singers and the videos they make to promote their songs. Many singers have used women to boast their ratings and used violence to get higher ratings. Many have also used the likes of guns in order to show how manly …

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Health Benefits Of Amazing Frute


There are many diseases, cancers and various illnesses that have been discovered over many years. There used to be a time when there were not as many types of cancer however nowadays hearing about a new cancerous illness is very common. Whilst scientists are looking for the answers for curing …

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Lose Weight With Cumin


Many people around the world are not happy with their weight and are always looking for an easy way to lose weight. There are many home-made remedies that can assist with losing weight, there is using honey, aajwain, and not there is using Cumin. Along with using the home-made remedies …

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