Kuri Naal Viah Wale Din Dekho Ki Hoya


Around six months ago there were issues with the youth of Punjab wanting to showing off with guns, they would attend various parties with gun and shoot them in the parties. A number of dancers died as they were exploited during the people showing off. We would have thought that …

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Apniya Kuriya Naal Dekho Ki Hunda Baahar


People in the South Asian countries want to leave their countries to go to UK, EU, USA or Canada etc. People forget that if they do the same work in their own country, the benefits they will have. Many years ago it was males of the family that were sent …

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Home Remedy For Naval Displacement


A common problem that has not been medically treated is naval displacement, often home remedies and homeopathy is used to cure these issues. Naval displacement relates to muscle pain and links to the spinal cord. It can cause discomfort and in order to relieve the pain you are often required …

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How To Control Growing Stomach


Bloating is a common problem with people in general. Bloating is any abnormal general swelling, or increase in diameter of the abdominal area. The person feels full and tight abdomen, which can cause abdominal pain and in some instances be accompanied with increased stomach growling, or in more serious cases, …

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Ghuggi Di Hoyi Sadak Te Larai


There are various political parties in India and many of them rely on volunteers who support the party without payment. Having volunteers saves money and provides valuable assets to the company. Whilst political parties have paid members and workers, people forget that the volunteers support the views and agendas of …

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Lose Weight With Yogurt And Black Salt


Fed up of going to the gym, fed up of dieting and eating cabbage and salads, looking for a solution to lose weight as the one you have is not working or your finding it too hard? Ever thought a home remedy or watching the foods that you eat. Whilst …

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Eho Jehi Kuri Kise De Naa Hove


Parents want the best for their children, they bring them up and raise them so that they have all the benefits and peace that they never had. Once the child grows up, is educated and of an age to be married, they often forget their parents. Whilst the tradition was …

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Police Ne Dekho Ki Keeta Sikh Family Naal


Sikhs are known for their bravery. Sikhs have given up their lives to protect others. Sri Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji is a prime example of a Guru who gave up his life in order to protect the Hindu religion. Whilst Hindus were being forced to turn to Islam, the people …

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13 May Nu Dekho Ki Huna


The effects of World War I and II are not forgotten, various lives were lost, people protecting their countries, people defending the Governments interests and people dying for political gain however this does not help the families who lose loved ones. No one wants a war, people often forget behind …

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Punjabi Man Killed In USA


People in South Asian and African countries want to leave their countries and go to Western countries, they think the grass is greener on the other side. People forget that no matter where they go, they will need to work, in their own country they may be able to do …

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