Woman Jumps Off 2nd Floor At Amritsar Mall


It is rare to find a single person in this world who does not have any issues which need attending to. For those who claim to have peace and tranquility know too well how quickly this can change. There are many issues which a person faces and they range from …

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How To Get Milk Tone Skin


People are not happy with how the look, for some it their weight, for others its certain parts of their bodies and or others its their skin colour. Whilst we have Western people who wish to be tanned so use various products to gain colour including natural sun, tan beds …

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Effects Of Mobile Phones On Human Mind


Whilst the technology with mobile phones have changed since mobile phones were first introduced. Mobile phones are openly available to people of all ages and widely used all over the world. As technology extends the impacts of using the mobile phones also are increased. The effects of using the mobile …

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Vicky Gounder Taunts Police


Vicky Gounder has been a nuisance to the Punjab police force ever since his escape from jail. He is the only one still at large from the Nabha jailbreak and the police had vowed to capture him quickly. There have been numerous sightings of Vicky in Punjab and the police …

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How Mustard Oil Can Help To Lose Weight


We have often heard of using mustard oil for cooking, using it for different types of cooking and often used in Asian cooking. However we have not often heard that using mustard oil can help lose weight. It may be surprising to hear that mustard oil can help lose weight …

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Brother of Rupinder Gandhi Shot Dead


There is no denying India has a major gun problem and in recent times we have seen reports of such arms being used. Notorious criminals who are at large from the police will not hesitate to discharge their guns when called upon and we are now beginning to see this …

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Boost Your Health With Cardamoms


Our ancestors often relied on home remedies and used these in order to look after their health. There was a time that doctors were not always available, not like the ones we have nowadays and we often relied on elders in the villages who would tell you what foods and …

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Emotional Inderjit Nikku Shares Story


Just because you become a celebrity or famous, it does not mean that you are immune from having feelings. Various newspapers, media sources often just want to sell the news therefore want the news or story to be as juicy as possible. The juicier the story the more they will …

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White Hair Prevention Technique


There are different products available on the market to help dye your hair and to get rid of the white or grey hairs that you may have. Whilst the younger generation use different hair products to change their hair styles and colours, they forget that the products can be damaging …

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Quick And Easy Way To Peel Garlic


Each of us have our specialities, one may be a talented footballer, another may be a talented professional person and one may be a talented cook. Each person will use their skills and talents to excel in their chosen profession. Each person will have learnt and acquired further talents when …

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