Footage of Jagmeet Singh Wedding Celebrations


Jagmeet Singh, leader of the 3rd largest political party in Canada celebrated his wedding to Gurkiran Kaur in a star-studded event in Cancun, Mexico. The event was celebrated by a large gathering who came together to celebrate this special day for the couple before Jagmeet Singh travels to India for …

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BJP Spokesperson On Khalistan


The referendum 2020 of India is still almost 2 years away and we are seeing the effect of the potential creating of Khalistan is having a major impact on the politics of Punjab. In the recent visit of Justin Trudeau to Punjab it was reported by all major India outlets …

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See How Indian Intelligence Has Targeted Canadian Sikhs


With the recent visit of Justin Trudeau and the upcoming visit of Jagmeet Singh to India there has been a lot of trouble brewing. Whilst Canada has become the most popular destination for Punjabi youths whilst studying, the relations between the two are not particularly strong. The main reason for …

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Canadian Delegate On India Behaviour Against Trudeau


The Prime Minister of Canada was given a warm welcome in Punjab earlier today. Along with his family and delegates, Justin Trudeau visited Darbar Sahib and paid his respects in a large event. Sukhbir Singh Badal was also at the Gurdwara to welcome the Prime Minister. A notable absence was …

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Justin Trudeau Meeting With Punjab CM


The Chief Minister of Punjab last year refused to meet Defence Minister of Canada, Harjit Singh Sajjan. However, he soon changed his tone when the Prime Minister of Canada met with him today and brough Harjit Sajjan along with him. The CM of Punjab can be seen shaking the hands …

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Justin Trudeau at Darbar Sahib


The Prime Minister of Canada’s visit to India has been maligned by the disrespect of state officials and Narendra Modi himself. On the arrival of Justin Trudeau to India with his family, he was welcomed by a lowly elected official and not the high representative of the state. This appears …

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Punjab Police v Jaggi Johal


Today marked 109 days since Jagtar Singh Johal was “abducted” from the streets of Punjab by the police. Since then he has been passed from the Punjab police to the NIA and now back to the Punjab Police. It is unclear what the agencies are trying to do as they …

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Easy Method Of Preventing Grey Hair


In today’s world we often follow different hairstyles including dying our hair, cutting our hair. We may dye our hair in our younger days but as we get older we often are scared of getting white hairs. Whether you’re a male or a female, we are bound to get white …

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Home Remedy For Natural Hair Removal


Whilst a lot of people say, let nature run its course, they do no always really mean it. Men grow facial hair and it is okay, it is often frowned upon if a woman has facial hair, whilst many women, bleach it, or wax, or shave them, it only results …

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Remedy To Fix Patchy Beard


When men are younger, they often look forward to having a beard, using their facial hair and making various designs with their beards. However it can often be disappointing when you have patches in your beard and it makes your beard look different. Whilst many may take the easy option …

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