Dangers of Playing With Kite


Children playing is a common occurrence. Different children like playing with different things, whether it is football, cricket, basketball or flying a kite. Each game has its own dangers however we cannot stop our children from playing these games due to the risks involved, all be it the risks are …

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Health Tips To Lose Weight In Two Weeks


Trying to lose weight is not easy in most circumstances and requires you to put a lot of effort in to do so. Whether you rely on low-calorie diet or extreme exercising. We do look for easy ways to lose weight and we have heard of using various home remedies …

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Family Wedding Proposal For Son


In countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh it is hard enough for a family to bring a daughter into the world. Various elder generations have the old mentality that boys are superior than girls however the western world do not believe in this. Regardless of what some of the elders …

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Tips To Get Fair Skin For Baby


When a woman is pregnant, there are various things that goes through her mind. Firstly like all the mother wishes her child is healthy and there are no concerns. The mother’s actions are reflected in the child, whilst some mothers may smoke or drink, in worse case scenarios take drugs, …

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Reply To Sunanda Sharma Jatt Yamla


We have recently seen the video for Sunanada Sharma’s new song Jatt Yamla. Whilst the singer does not think there is anything wrong, nor do the actors in the video. It can be said that it has hurt the sentiments of Sikhs. Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is given the …

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Brother Runs Away With His Own Sister


We have seen the brotherly love for their sisters, some brothers are over protective of their sisters. Other brothers do not care and care more about being pampered by their families/parents as they are their diamond and not the daughter. What happens when we overstep the mark? It is often …

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Help For Those With Memory Loss


A person is born and throughout life goes through various stages from a young age a child starts to learn different things. Over time they go to nursery, school, college, university and work life. As a person gets older the memory starts to deteriorate. In some instances the older the …

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Formula To Whiten Skin


In today’s society we have people who use tan beds, the sun and spray tan’s to add colour to their bodies. On the other hand we have people who wish their skin was lighter, it is often harder to make your skin lighter than it is to make it darker. …

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Sunanda Sharma – Jatt Yamla


Punjabi singer Sunanda Sharma caught herself being in the eye of a storm with no fault of her own when fellow singer Anmol Gagan Maan mocked her background and made some derogatory comments about her in an interview on a Punjabi show. Sunanda was afforded an opportunity to respond to …

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Home Remedies To Remove Wrinkles


We all want to look younger regardless what age we are. For some, extreme measures such as cosmetic surgery are taken. If you are rich and can afford the various types of surgery that is available then that is okay. However we do not all have extra money to spend …

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