Girl Sends Message To Harman Cheema


Using social media to send fan messages, including video messages, to the celebrity or singer one loves is really picking up now-a-days. This video starts off with showing a pretty girl in her twenties addressing the audience. As the video proceeds, she speaks about how she wanted to be a …

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Aa Dekhlo Moorkh Janta De Kam


Religious figures are really revered in India with many of them having a huge number of followers. This video starts off with showing a religious guru seated on a makeshift stage. Loud prayer songs are playing in the background on a loudspeaker. A huge crowd, with majority of female followers …

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Bank Manager De Ashleel Kam Fadde Gye


Days when men used to harass women over phone or otherwise, especially in the name of granting them concessions in their loan outstanding or other financial commitments, are numbered now. This video starts off with showing a man sitting on a couch in a home with many women surrounding him …

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Es Kuri Da Nakhra Dekhlo


With the rise of social media, local wannabe celebrities are trying to create a name for themselves via this medium. This video is of a girl who is trying to get a fan following on Facebook via posting attractive photos and videos of herself. The video starts off with showing …

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Ehne Ta Sirraa Laa Ta


Funny acts in a traditional village environments can sometimes turn out to be really entertaining. The video starts off with showing a group of Punjabi men sitting below a tree in a village area. As the video starts one of the elder men tells two younger men to speak on …

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Nachan Wali Naal Dekho Ki Keeta Munde Ne


Kids are innocent and their innocence is often on display in public when they do not really understand the context in which the adults around them are behaving. The video starts off with showing a stage with a few young women standing on it who have heavy makeup on. Loud …

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Harman Cheema Da Akhara Dekhlo


In life there will always be ups and downs and how a person recovers from these moments will determine the kind of person they are. Everybody has dreams of being something as they grow up and the encouragement and support they receive from their friends and families will count for …

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Ehna Ta Kamaal Karti


Age is no limitation for the young at heart. When the heart asks one to enjoy even the body, however old it might be, starts responding. This video starts off with showing a scene at a large gathering where youngsters of all ages seem to be dancing around. But the …

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Ehna Ta Harman Cheema Nu Vi Fail Karta


Enjoying life is not really dependent on one’s financial status. Rather it depends on how you approach life with a relaxed and funny attitude. The video starts off with showing a man standing in what seems to be a parking lot behind a row of houses. The man is speaking …

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Wedding Dance Off Vich Dekho Ki Hoya


The energy and enthusiasm on display in a Punjabi wedding is a sight to behold. And when the girls join the boys in the celebrations with equal fervour then the atmosphere simply lights up with the energy! The video starts off with showing a dance stage in a ceremonial hall …

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