Benefits Of Milk & Ginger


We all know that milk is good for you, it provides calcium to your bones and ginger is a food product used in daily cooking especially in the South Asian Community. However do we know the benefits of using both milk and ginger together? We often use ginger in food …

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Tips To Naturally Improve Eyesight


The trend of wearing glasses is more common nowadays than it was before. Previously teenagers and children would not wear glasses unless they really had too, often glasses where not required as much as they are nowadays. One of the reasons they are needed now is because we often do …

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Child With Incredible Talents


The Almighty one has given various people various powers, he has made a common man so powerful that he was able to take on a drunk elephant, he has made the likes of Banda Singh Bahadur that conquered over villages in order to stop injustices. We have the likes of …

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Man Confronted On Bus


It is shameful to see men old enough to be of fathers age of teenaged girls eve teasing those very girls. This video starts off with showing the scene inside a government-run bus. A traffic policeman can be seen resolving a dispute between a middle-aged man who is trying a …

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14 Year Old Neha Arrested For Murder


The rise of crime in Punjab is always in front of us as we hear the stories of horror from various sources. Now another such crime has come forward as the motive behind the murder of youth named Honey became clear when the culprits and mastermind of the act were …

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What Happens When You Drink Water Before Sleeping


We all know drinking water is good for you, we are often told to drink water instead of fizzy drinks or highly sugared drinks. Whilst there is some form of water in the drinks however normal water is healthy and free from sugars. Drinking water has various health benefits. This …

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Lemon Peel To Help Joint Pain


We have recently seen various videos which have helped people with their aches and pains. Simple home remedies have been used to help. Finding the right remedy is not always easy, often you try various products before you find right one, on some occasions this can be a costly as …

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Truth About Gurdas Maan And Laddi Shah


The famous Gurdas Maan has won the hearts of many people in the world, he is respected by the Indian and Pakistani Community, he has been honoured by the UK’s queen and met the world’s high profiled people. With his singing career he is highly respected around the world for …

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New Type Of Business In Punjab


People often copy other people and try to get to fame by doing so. We have people who are doubles of celebrities and they often use this to their advantage to make money and use their looks to have a career. We have people who look up to others and …

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Talented Female Truck Driver


There was a time when male children were be all and end all however over time families especially the older generation are not acceptable to female children. The norm in backward thinking countries is that they do not wish to have a daughter and only want a son. However as …

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