Dekho Watermleon Naal Ki Keeta


Nowadays everybody has a party trick when they go to various parties. For many, they involve drink, for those who do not drink, they use various tricks. Tricks with playing cards, money and other items are often used. We do try to please the opposite person at these parties. People …

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Health Tips On How To Increase Strength


Our ancestors ate good foods and had healthy diets which allowed them to be stronger. Whilst getting old is a part of life, taking care of yourself and eating the right foods is your own responsibility. There are various foods that have various health benefits. The health benefits have last …

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Tharki Budhe De Kam Dekho


Comedy makes people laugh regardless of it being for the younger generation or the older generation. We are all likely to have a laugh at various actions that take place, although it may be a joke or a prank. People often forget that pranks and jokes can get out of …

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How To Make Saag in 20 Minutes


Whilst spinach is not commonly eaten by Westerners or various people around the world. Punjabi’s love eating Spinach (Saag) with Makhi di Roti. Not only is it good for your health it also have various health and nutrition benefits. Although it has these benefits, it does take a long time …

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Kutte Naal Dekho Ki Hoya


It is often said that a man’s best friend is a dog. It is also often said that dog’s will not betray his or her master. Blind people, rely on guide dogs to help them go out and about. The guide dog is able to help the person cross roads, …

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Delhi Red Light District


There was a time when Sikhs saved women lives from the Mughals and protected them as sisters. We have situations now, which Sikhs tried to prevent however with the way society and western traditions are going, it seems we are going backwards. The sacrifices the Sikhs gave seem to have …

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Home Remedy To Remove Pimples


Whilst there are various health and beauty products, women often use these high-priced products to hide various marks or scars on their face or bodies. Often there are various operations available to help long-term however these can be costly, whilst more and more women care about these kind of things, …

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Health Benefits of Yoga


There are various benefits of yoga, health benefits and digestive benefits. Whilst a number of videos, DVDs and so-called yoga experts are widely available. The technique for each varies for different people. A lot of people find it hard to find the time to be able to relax and take …

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Sardar Causes Hungama in Salon


Whilst for Sikhs, the kesh (hair) is an important part of their religion. Sikhs believe that hair is a gift from God and should be kept uncut. It is true that a number of Sikhs have followed the western tradition. Whilst we are forgetting about roots, we are forgetting about …

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Remedy To Improve Eyesight


Wearing spectacles is a common occurrence with the younger generation, more and more children have been prescribed spectacles than 100 years ago. However the norm nowadays seems to be to wear contact lenses or go for laser eye surgery. Both can be costly and are not proven to increase vision …

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