Foods To Help Increase Brain Power


Whilst keeping yourself healthy is important, it is also as important to keep your brain healthy and to eat foods that boost your brain cells. We often worry about our bodies and forget about our brain and the pressures that are on it day in day out. We forget that …

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Police Ne Fadde Kuriyan De Ashleel Kam


The desire to make a quick buck or the compulsions of an empty stomach due to poverty! Either of those can land a good girl in the quagmire of the oldest profession in the world. This video shows the other end of the trade where young girls are shown apprehended …

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Harman Cheema Te Hamla Hoya Dekho


We have recently been seeing many videos of Harman Cheema on social media and there have been many negative comments about him. However, this has not deterred Cheema from continuing to release videos and we are now seeing him and his friends uploading videos where he is being shown respect …

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Eh Panga Vi Hunda Married Life Vich


Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you! This twist of negation on the popular saying sums up correctly the message this funny video passes to its viewers. The video starts off with showing a young Indian woman cooking in her kitchen. As she is …

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Kuri Nu Nasha Pila Ke Dekho Ki Keeta

When people are out on the weekend they are often advised by people to not accept anything from strangers and this is taught to children from a young age. When you are a little older you think you can judge a person by the way they behave and look. In …

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Punjab De Youth Di Sharayam Besharmi Dekhlo


Sometimes passers-by on the street, who might be unknown to you, act as Good Samaritans and point out any problems which you, your clothing or your vehicle may be about to be subjected to. This video starts off with showing a busy street in an Indian city. The camera is …

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Side Effects Of Eating Too Much Watermelon


We are told to eat fruit as it has natural sugars and not manufactured sugars. From a young age we are told that an apple a day keeps the dentist away, also to have a fruit products in your daily 5 foods a day. There are a number of fruits …

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Harman Cheema Ne Hun Dekho Ki Keeta


Music is an essential part of Punjab’s culture, and you will find good Punjabi singers in all regions of the state. This video shows a budding Punjabi singer singing one of his new and upcoming songs in front of his friends in what seems to be the living room of …

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Taxi Driver Ne Kamaal Karti


From a young age we are taught to do the right thing, we are taught not to steal, not to do wrong to another person and to avoid wrong doings. The teachings start from the home, this is carried forward from nursery, to primary school and secondary school. The invaluable …

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Drinking Water In Morning Benefits


Everyone knows that drinking water is always the healthier option. Whilst many people drink the likes of fizzy drinks or highly sweetened drinks, people do under-estimate normal water. Whilst carbonated drinks kill the thirst initially, you are still thirsty a few minutes later. Whilst water quenches the thirst and is …

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