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14 Year Old Neha Arrested For Murder

The rise of crime in Punjab is always in front of us as we hear the stories of horror from various sources. Now another such crime has come forward as the motive behind the murder of youth named Honey became clear when the culprits and mastermind of the act were …

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Youth Killed Over 500 Rupees

How much is a human being’s life worth? For ones parents it is worth more than money itself for others for others everyone has a price. We often forget there are many people who do not have a child and pray for a child, in most circumstances a big. However …

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Putt Ne Apni Maa Naal Dekho Ki Keeta

People and families with backward thinking want boys as a child and under-estimate the female child. Often many of the older women are not happy if their daughter in law gives birth a girl. Although this thinking is mostly in Asian countries however as many families have emigrated to European …

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Ehna Ne Dekho Ki Keeta Kuri De Naal

The world has changed and started respecting women, however India and the men’s backward thinking. The western world has provided a woman and a man with equal rights, women have been perceived as the mothers/sisters of warriors, tradesmen and many scientists. Women have been given rights that should be protected. …

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