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Youth Killed Over 500 Rupees


How much is a human being’s life worth? For ones parents it is worth more than money itself for others for others everyone has a price. We often forget there are many people who do not have a child and pray for a child, in most circumstances a big. However …

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Putt Ne Apni Maa Naal Dekho Ki Keeta


People and families with backward thinking want boys as a child and under-estimate the female child. Often many of the older women are not happy if their daughter in law gives birth a girl. Although this thinking is mostly in Asian countries however as many families have emigrated to European …

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Ehna Ne Dekho Ki Keeta Kuri De Naal


The world has changed and started respecting women, however India and the men’s backward thinking. The western world has provided a woman and a man with equal rights, women have been perceived as the mothers/sisters of warriors, tradesmen and many scientists. Women have been given rights that should be protected. …

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