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China Wale Dekho Ki Kar Rahe

Hunger is a thing that can make or break people. Hunger is a thing that cannot be controlled. Whilst we have a number of people starving to death on the other hand we have people throwing food away without giving it a second thought. Will we learn or will we …

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Whatsapp Video Calling Demo

The sensation of Android and Apple phones have taken over the world. There are various applications available to allow people to communicate in seconds all over the world. There used to be a point in order to contact one person from one side of the world to another you could …

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Hair Problem Solution

Whether you are a man or a woman, there is always a fear of having white hair before its time. Whilst elders do not wish to have white hair the younger generation are often using different colouring to dye their hair different colours. The colours vary from blonde to white …

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Ehne Saareya Nu Hairaan Karta

When Punjabi’s put their heart into anything they fulfil it fully, whether it is in politics, acting or singing. We do need to help the youth of Punjab achieve their goals as stopping them will result them in being in a dead end job. On occasions the youth just need …

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Nooh-Sass Da Jhagra

The culture in punjab of the Saas (mother in law) Nooh (daughter in law) is a common occurrence, there are various domestic arguments in a family home and this video illustrates this. The person stuck in the middle is the son/husband, if he sides with his wife he loses and …

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Besharmi Di Vi Hadd Hundi

A culture that has overtaken the world of taking selfies, the Punjabis never want to be left behind, we have Indian drama serials now naming certain Chowk’s as Selfie Chowk where people stand taking selfies. In this video we have a boy and girl taking selfies whilst in a cafe …

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Lose Weight – 3 Kilo in 4 Days

We are never happy with our body and we always want to lose weight, either from the bum, the stomach or the thighs. Fed up with trying different diets and starving yourself, there are a number of cheats, there are a number of ways trying to lose your weight from …

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Punjabi Man vs King Cobra

Whilst people want to become famous with their hard work studying at school, getting a good job and earning money with their own hard work. However nowadays we have many Punjabi boys who wish to take the shortcut without putting in hard work. Not realising that true fame comes with …

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100 Years of Beauty of Punjab

A time travel back to 1910 of how women were shy and conservative to 2000 were we now have women that have no shame and do not think twice about their actions. A change in how women dressed and acted from 1910 to 2000, showing the subtle changes made to …

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