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Aa Dekho Kive Patna Vich Viah Hunda


A marriage is a bond between two people, whether it is between a man and a woman or man and a man or woman and a woman. For the couple it is a big event, for many a day they have always been looking forward to. There is a lot …

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Important Message For Punjabi’s Emigrating To Canada


The people in the South Asian countries are often not happy with where they are staying, they often want to leave there and go to the Western Countries, such as Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand, EU etc. Whilst as they say the grass is not always greener on the other …

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How To Prevent Blockage Of Heart


There are various reasons that a heart attack takes place. There are various remedies available for heart blockage, another term for heart attack. Heart attacks were not common until the last 60 to 80 years. More and more people are victims of heart attacks. This video provides you with reasons …

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Side Effects Of Drinking Too Much Tea


Two commons drinks during the day and throughout the working day are coffee or tea. We often rely on these hot drinks as our morning wake up calls or for a kick-start. Whilst both contain caffeine, this helps you have a kick-start in the morning. Have we ever looked into …

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Pata Nahi Eh Kive Scene Pass Keeta


Movies with double meaning dialogues and crass innuendos have always been there in Hindi cinema. Somehow the Censor Board of India never comes down hard on such movies while it bans meaningful art cinema from the worlds’ best directors from around the world in the name of indecent content! This …

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Truth About Soya Products


People who are vegetarian have often have products containing Soya products. As an alternative to meat products, soya provides a substitute to this. Although the foods are vegetarian they do not taste like chicken or meat products. We have various products containing soya, the health benefits of these are not …

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Benefits Of Drinking Turmeric Water


We are all aware of the benefits of drinking water compared to drinking carbonated or sweetened drinks. Turmeric powder has various health benefits, it is often used in cooking food and giving it flavour, it can also be used to health cure injury to joints. Yes it can help care …

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Ithe Viah To Pehla Kuriyan Baby Chaundiya


Every person expects to be married at some point in their life and raise a family together and deal with all the hurdles they have to overcome. Most people will get married first and then begin making a family with one another when they are settled in life and fully …

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How To Soothe Knee Pain


We can do the best for ourselves and our family. We work hard, however, the harder we work, the more our body is over worked. We are often required to work sitting or standing for many hours. This can have an impact on your knees and often give you pain …

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Thanedarni Ne Sirraa Laa Ta


With the rising affluence of Indian middle class, the money being spent on simple functions and ceremonies has risen to lavish levels. This video starts off with showing a sizeable public crowd sitting in front of a makeshift stage and a large screen on which a video is playing. Few …

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