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Indian Kudi Ne Keeta Gori Naal Viaah


The world is waking up to lesbian and gay rights in a big way. Under such circumstances the global Indian diaspora embracing this new world view should come as no surprise to anyone! This video shows a marriage going on at a ceremonial venue. There is a woman priest chanting …

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Jagdeep Randhawa Ne Dekho Ki Keha Cheema Nu


Building an online followers on social media is one of the important marketing tactics being employed now-a-days. This is especially helpful for individual artists, performers and, as is the case in this video, for even body builders. The video starts off with showing a young Punjabi well-built man standing outside …

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Sunanda Sharma Naal Dekho Ki Hoya Show Vich


Being a performer may have its financial rewards and benefits and allows people to travel all over the world and interact with their fans. However, people tend to forget the toll it takes on a person mentally and physically. Singers are seen touring the world and performing in live shows …

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Harman Cheema At Toll Crossing


Common people who become fans of local singers seem ready to grant them small favours as they love their work. This video starts off with showing a man sitting on a toll booth and smiling at the camera. As the video proceeds, the camera is turned around to show that …

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Naavi Viahi Jodi Di Kartoot Faddi Gayi


The latest generation is really not respecting the age-old customs and traditions of their religion. And to top it off they aren’t even apologetic when questioned about the same. Sikh religion forbids smoking. However, as this video starts off, one can see a Sikh in his traditional attire with a …

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Reaction To Harman Cheema


Many people think of themselves as artists but they themselves don’t realize how bad they are at performing their skills! Video starts off with showing a phone held in the hand of a man with a video playing on the phone. The video is that of a singer performing and …

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Sunanda Sharma Di Naundi Di Video Hoyi Viral


It is not often we are able to see celebrities relaxing with their family as when they tend to go on a short break they will do so to the luxury of their own private building. The paparazzi will only get so far before they are prevented from entering the …

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Punjabi Kuri Ne Sirraa Laa Ta


What’s more engaging to look at than a well-choreographed dance on Punjabi music? A young pretty girl dancing on the beats of the music – of course! This is video starts off with showing a young girl who seems to be a teenager standing in the drawing-room of her house. …

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Binnu Dhillon Ne Keeti Jasmine Sandlas Di Bezti


Punjabi comedian Binnu Dhillon has been an entertainer for the majority of his adult life and even now he continues to entertain in Punjabi films. The name and the face is easily recognised by Punjabi people all over the world and he has been a regular in recent Punjabi films. …

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Besharmi Dekho Ehna Di Punjabi Viah Vich


Modern youth of today seem to be taking the traditional culture for an ugly ride! This video starts off with showing a group of Punjabi men and women gathered near a parking. The girl occupying the central place in the video is dressed like a bride with a traditional headwear. …

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