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Whatsapp Is Stealing Your Banking Information


The craze for using Whatsapp is phenomenual. Whatsapp have over the years introduced a number of different features to allow you to contact family and friends anywhere in the world. Whatsapp started off as a messenger using the internet on your mobile telephone, we are now able to call and …

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Homemade Gel To Straighten Hair


There are various types of hair straighteners in the UK, which one do you buy? The most expensive, cheapest or reasonably priced one? There is often no guarantee the one you have chosen to buy will do the job you wish it to do. It is often damaging your hair …

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Treatment For Discolouring of Skin


Many people do not know what pigmentation is. Pigmentation basically means colouring and skin pigmentation affects the colour of your skin. The colour comes from damaged or unhealthy cells in your skin and it creates melanin which discolours your skin. There are various reasons for this to occur however each …

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Health Remedy For Gas in Stomach


There was an era when there was no acidity issues or if there were then they were not highlighted as much as they are today. Many home remedies (desi elajj) was used in the good old days however nowadays we rely on medicine or off the counter treatments in order …

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How To Improve Your Eyesight


We are lucky when we have been given the grace of our eyesight, there are many people in or around the world that are not fortunate to have vision through their eyes. Whilst they do not have eye vision, this does not restrict many to get on with day-to-day living. …

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How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath


Two things that embarrass people in front of others is bad breath and body odour. Various products are available to try to prevent this however they are not always successful or there is still a risk of the bad breath and body odour occurring. In these circumstances it is often …

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Watch Before Marriage With Foreign Girl


The craze in Asian countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh is to got the UK, Europe, Australia or Canada, etc. There are various forms of going to the UK legally and illegally. A common occurrence is wanting to get married and come to the UK. Whilst there are many families …

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Use Cream To Remove Wrinkles & Pimples


Women use various products in order get rid off wrinkles and pimples. Whether it is make up or other cosmetic products that are used. It can be a costly way to cover up wrinkles and pimples especially as they have not been covered for good. A lot of women are …

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Health Benefits of Warm Milk and Honey


Another time for a home remedy. We all know that milk and honey are good for you. They have various of benefits individually, it comes to no surprise that having honey and hot milk together will give you more benefits. We are aware that honey has benefits for weight loss …

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Health Benefits of Keeping Garlic Under Pillow


Desi elajj is also known as home remedies. We have recently heard of the benefits of putting a garlic clove in your ear and putting a raw onion in your socks at night. Both of the home remedies are beneficial to your health. They have various health benefits. We have …

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