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Amazing Use of Lemon


We have often used lemons for cooking, for adding taste to soft drinks or making soft drinks. Lemon juice can be used to add flavour to salads and also used to help with weight loss. This video will show you how a lemon can be used to do something unusual, …

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Boat Rescue Caught On Camera


We are often advised about safety procedures whether we go on a building site, a plan or any courses. Health and safety is a world-wide issue, whilst in the UK and the Western Countries, breaching Health and Safety regulations can have a major impact on the company or the individual, …

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Serious Bus Incident In Punjab


When we leave our house to either travel to work, visit friends or travel to another city, we often do not think that it will be the last time we will come home. Whilst a number of us leave our houses the same way, we often think we are coming …

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Buffalo Shows Intelligence


We have intelligent people, intelligent animals and intelligent children. Whilst each person thinks that they are intelligent, to carry it off it is not always easy. Whilst we may be intelligent, we may not be able to carry it off, carrying it off requires a talent in itself. On the …

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Remedies For Skin Care


For many years, people relied on home remedies, as they were not many qualified doctors, in South Asian villages, there were village midwife that were called when a child was due to be born or mother was about to give birth. Children were born in their own homes and the …

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Betrayal Of Family Scenario


This is a must watch video, it is easy for a man to go out and meet a woman, whether they are friends or in love, however it is not always easy for a woman to meet another man especially in today’s society. Women are often tarred with meeting men …

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What Happened During Wedding Party


There have been various traditions used in Punjabi weddings, whilst many have been invented by custom and traditions, nowadays new customs are being introduced by the younger generation, various different themes are being used, various games etc are being played. Each wedding is trying to better the last one, so …

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Exercises To Reduce Waistline


We are always looking for a quick way to lose weight, we have different methods however they do not always work for every one. For some dieting works, for others the gym works and for others even starving themselves does not work because they starve then start over eating. There …

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Couple Seperate During Video Call


Whilst breaking up with a loved one can be hard going. Whether you are female or a male, when one breaks the others heart it can be annoying and problematic. One may break up with his or her partner in person or when they are being cowards then they do …

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Liquor Distributed As Langar


It is easy to get people addicted to drugs or alcohol, simply give them it for free to start them off, once they have a taste for it, they will come looking for it themselves. Whilst it is not morally right, for some it is how they earn their living …

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