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Salt And Water Benefits


There are many benefits from small things. There are many benefits from adding salt to water. These benefits relate to adding small amount of salt to a bucket of water including dipping feet into the water whilst mediating. There are certain benefits to take out the negative energy from a …

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Ehna Di Soch Dekho


Families are important to everyone, every brother/father are protective of their sister or daughter. We have the Punjabi singers treating girls as pieces of meat, dressing them up dancing with them and now we have the young Punjabis following this trend. We have boys using girls as a piece of …

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Hiroshima And Nagasaki


We have all heard about Hiroshima and Nagasaki, it is not always possible to understand what the purpose of it was. The bomb was thrown on Japan on two occasions and how it was thrown by the Americans. A lot of damage and a number of people were killed from …

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1984 Delhi Sikh Genocide Family Moga


The riots of the 1984 will never be forgotten. From the attack on Sri Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple) to the the killing of India’s Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to the daylight killings of 100,0000’s of Sikhs in organised killings. Justice has not been served. Will it ever be served. Many …

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Benefits of Toothpaste


Health is an important issue and we do neglect looking after ourselves properly. Whilst little steps can go a long way it appears we are lazy to do so. There are herbal and desi treatments available however we do not use them either. Cleaning our teeth is an important task, …

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Punjabian Da Picnic


Whenever there is an outgoing or a party, Punjabi’s always like to be at the forefront and always go all out. Cooking, drinking and making noise is a common occurrence for Punjabis and their families. When a Punjabi family goes out you can hear them from a mile away. Paratha …

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Monkey vs Tiger


Monkey’s are known to be mischievous and very naughty. They are to too hard to catch and can jump from one side to another. You see many monkeys being like this all over India especially when you got places of worship. In this video it shows how hard it is …

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Ajwain Weight Loss Tip


Many people wish to lose weight and wish to do so without exercising. There is a small trick to lose weight easily and it is a very cheap option off doing so. Again another desi elaaj (tradition treatment). Not only will this treatment help with weight loss in small timescale …

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Darshan Lakhewala In Old Days


There are many hidden talents in Punjab, however the talent is not always discovered, it may be luck or by chance that people’s talents get recognised. Many famous people however do not wish for the real talent to be discovered. They are happy to take the credit for the work …

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Es Maa Da Dard Dekho


Apne kende a , jeh raab nu milna oo maava deh kol hoonda, if you want to see God then treat your mother with the respect they deserve, maava thandia shaava, a mother protects her child from anything and everything. A mother cannot live without her child regardless of her …

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