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AAP Baljinder Kaur On Her Victory


The Aam Adami Party have campaigned hard in order to win the elections in Punjab, whilst the main people like Bhagwant Mann, Arvind Kejriwal and HS Phoolka whilst there have been others that have been campaign hard too. Gone are the days that females cannot be more than housewives, we …

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Parkash Singh Badal Reaction To Votes


The wait is over, the Punjab election results are now in. Parkash Singh Badal has been the Chief Minister of Punjab for the past 10 years, various promises were made that Shiromani Akali Dal party will be in power again. Various statements were made that only his party will win …

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Gobi Layered Samosa Recipe


A good recipe for good food is often hard to find. Often a lot of recipes are often passed down generations through elders in the family. Various recipes can be found online for various foods however making the food the exact is always the issue. We often put in too …

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Tips To Reduce Hip Size and Waist


Losing weight often seems an impossible task, however once you start losing weight, things seem to get easier. The hardest part is normally getting started, whether it is dieting, going to the gym, making small changes in daily eating. Various dieting products have been introduced for low-calorie diets etc to …

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Gori Dekho Kihni Sohni Punjabi Boldi


Whilst many Punjabi’s are forgetting their mother language. Others are losing it because the Indian Government do not teach Punjabi in schools and inside teach Hindi, this is another reason for Punjabi language going down the drain. Whilst Punjabi’s in India are learning English, we have the Punjabi’s in Western …

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Girl Risks Life To Take Selfies In Dubai


There are various models around the world, females and males modelling different products. Products ranging from clothes to perfumes however there are further tasks models are now taking, some the jobs they are taking are dangerous and nerve wrecking. Is it easier doing an easy job or taking things further. …

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Aa Dekho Kihni Maari Hoyi Es Parivaar Naal


Whilst dogs can be a man’s friend and a loyal family member, there are also occasions were dogs can turn out to be nasty and vicious. It is not always that the dog intends to do something like this, it can be the result of starvation or someone teaching the …

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Spell Cast On Donald Trump


President Donald Trump has been a man of many talents, he has starred in various American Apprentices reality shows, he is a renowned business tycoon and knows how to rub people up the wrong way. He was not shy with his election campaign either, whilst millions chose not to vote, …

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Quick Way Of Accessing Locked Wi-Fi


There is a mass percentage of people in this world who are constantly glued to their smart mobile phones and are always connected to the internet to access their emails and check their social media accounts. The service providers are aware of the extreme usage of data and therefore will …

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Social Experiment On Public Behaviour


Various incidents occur around the world. Various incidents are seen however people turn a blind eye to things as they do not want to be implemented in the problem. Recently video’s were published in which a woman beating a guy was shown and a man beating a woman. Although this …

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