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Health Benefits of Cardamom


Recently we have heard of various health benefits of commonly used foods, foods such as lemons, honey, garlic, onions and soaked almonds etc. A number of the benefits of foods are related to foods that were commonly eaten by our elders. Although we do not all believe of the benefits, …

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House of Richest Man In The World


Everything a person does in life is motivated by money. We all want to be able to afford the better things in life and have an easy life. Some people are able to do this by making wise investments in the stock market. Others will take risks in the property …

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Guru Granth Sahib Ji Cures Man of Cancer


Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the teachings of our Ten Guru’s and other Bhagats. Given Gurgaddi as the living Guru by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the Guru who sacrificed his father for the name of humanity and his four Sahibzaade, along with his mother for the Sikh …

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Sirraa Laa Ta Jawak Ne


Our future are our children. Whilst our parents and grandparents have worked hard in their lifetime, this has been done, to provide us with a living and a better future. Our ancestors are now more likely to allow us to do things or jobs that they would not do so. …

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Dangerous Road To Himalaya


For some people climbing various mountains, hills and going on various outdoor activities is a hobby. Whilst it may be dangerous and requires a lot of skill, especially when things go wrong, it can often be life threatening. Others have all the safety equipment required and plan their journey. Whether …

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Remedies For Cracked Heels


In the UK having cracked heels can be related to a number of things. It can be related to lack of vitamins, lack of nutrition or skin problems. Various products are available on the market to help stop cracked heels. Products vary from moisturising creams, Vaseline, and gels. Whilst foot …

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Sunanda Sharma in Trouble Once More


Sunanda Sharma, a singer who has been in the news for the last few months for the wrong reasons. Sunanada Sharma has done it again and this time hurt the feelings of Sikhs. Singers/actors are now forgetting that although they are wanting fame, that they should get it in the …

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Explosive Blast During Election Campaign


In recent years we have been hearing about tragic deaths as a result of accidents, natural disasters and pre planned actions. Regardless of how a person dies, it leaves the families in a situation of heartache. Tragedies occur around the world, some are reported and others and never reported. Someone, …

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Incredible Way To Harvest Peas


There was a time when farming took place using a plough and Ox however times have now changed and we have tractors that are used to plough the fields. Although we have tractors, for some they are more used to show off, especially the younger generation. Agriculture has taken a …

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Punjabis and Technology


It is often said that a child is innocent and will say what it is true or what he or she has seen. Although this can be embarrassing for parents as the children often say the funniest of things when it is unexpected. Although the situation may be embarrassing, we …

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