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Kutteh Ne Dekho Bande Nu Kive Marya


A dog is normally known as a man’s best friend. Dogs are also known to be loyal and caring. Many people and families treat their dogs as a family member. Whilst in the western countries people look after and care for the dog, on the other hand in the South …

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22 Sikh Regiment Ne Dekho Ki Keha Pakistan Di Fauj Nu


There is no love lost between Pakistan and India. Whilst India and Pakistan used to be one country before the British Raj. The British Raj split up the two countries and ever since the people have never been the same. Whilst everyone was able to live with one another but …

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Full Video Of Patiala Robbery


We all have our talents, whether it is legal or illegal. Whilst many of us wish to take part in legal activities, we have others that are talented in what they do with illegal activities. Thieves and robbers are not always famous for what they do and why they do …

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Lose 7kg in 7 Days


We are looking for a way to lose weight, however we are looking for an easy way and not the hard way. There are different diets and exercises that can help lose weight. Each person is different and different methods work in different ways for the people. For some dieting …

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Shaheed Paramjit Singh Laid To Rest


It is a proud moment for any family when their family member gives up their life fighting for their religion or their country. Becoming a Shaheed is not an easy task, many army people give up their life on a daily basis. We often get to hear the stories of …

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Permanent Solution To Remove White Hair


There are various hairstyles and products available to dye your hair. When we are younger we use various bleaching products, gels, hair sprays that often damage our hair. We do not realise this at the time however over the years it shows in your hair. For some dying products are …

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Disabled Sikh Brother Doing Sewa


Sikhs are known for their sewa around the world. Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has given Sikh’s three key principles, pray to God, earn an honest living and share your wealth. Sikhs are taught to share their wealth, this can be done by monetary donations or by providing …

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Punjab Da Dekho Kihna Maara Haal Hoya


Many of us leave our house in the morning and our families expect us to return to the home after work. We do not often think that a person will not return home after their day at work. We are not able to sit idle in the house as we …

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Jalandhar Vich Hoya Vadda Accident


We often leave our house whether to go to work, school, shopping or to visit friends, we never think whether we will be coming back home later that day. We take life for granted and think that it will not end until we are of a certain age. Life is …

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Aa Dekhlo India Vich Hoya Chamatkaar


Often after marriage between a man and woman, the woman wants to have children. It is natural to start a family after marriage. In the olden era, the mother in law would often pester the daughter in law in giving the family a child, however especially in Asian countries, if …

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