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Petrol Pump Scam Caught


Petrol pump dealers are really swindling their customers out of their pockets in really brazen ways. The ease with which they overcharge or under-deliver the petrol shows how comfortable they have become in this shady profit-making practice. The video starts off with showing a petrol pump where a person is …

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Harman Cheema – Bahubali Jatt


When any person begins a new job they will often seek advice from their colleagues on how tackle any problems they may face in the workplace. The same logic applies to new singers and actors when they begin their careers. Often the advice of respected people will go a long …

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Reckless Driving In India


A lot of drivers in India tend to ignore the road safety rules and many of them drive without an official license. These people are always risking their lives as well as those others on the road at the same time as them as they will take unnecessary risks when …

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Harman Cheema Toh Dukhi Ho Ke Bande Ne Dekho Ki Keeta


Active users of social media tend to see a lot of people seeking attention by sharing pictures and videos in which they will deliberately act in a way which will get people talking about them. Some of these people have managed to gain enough attraction to receive financial benefits which …

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Punjabi Kuri Ne Banai Apne Aashiq Vaaste Video


The younger generation is getting quite creative with the way they are recording videos taking latest sound tracks playing in the background. And when such video acts end on a sudden funny note then one can resist and laugh out loud. The video starts off with showing a boy mouthing …

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PM Modi Embarrassed


Sometimes the inadvertent gaffes of people in high places are captured on camera. In such cases, without the intention of either the person shooting the video, nor the person in high position, the video takes a funny turn. The video starts off with showing Indian prime minister standing on the …

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Harman Cheema At Police Station


In the music industry there are always incidents of copyright infringement which goes unpunished. Many of these issues are settled out of court and saves both parties time and money of appearing at court. Sometimes artists have their material stolen before they are able to release it as their own …

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Sirraa Karta Jodi Ne


Women of today’s generation are no less than men in any which way. And when it comes to dance, especially of the fervent and paced variety, women can even leave the men behind. The video starts off with showing a party hall with a young man and a young woman …

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Kuriyan Ne Cheema Naal Gandiya Gallan Keetiya


In recent times we have seen singers who have tried their luck on social media being supported by big name artists in India. A couple of years ago we see Darshan Lakhewala receiving support from Babbu Maan and then Yo Yo Nachattar Singh received support from Veet Baljit. Now we …

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Indian Kudi Ne Keeta Gori Naal Viaah


The world is waking up to lesbian and gay rights in a big way. Under such circumstances the global Indian diaspora embracing this new world view should come as no surprise to anyone! This video shows a marriage going on at a ceremonial venue. There is a woman priest chanting …

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