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When Partner Is Caught Cheating


Whilst the people and their thoughts in the Westerns World has advanced, the thoughts and thoughts process in the Asian countries have not. Whilst Western worlds treat both males and females equally there is scepticism that this is not always the case in Asian Countries. We often allow males in …

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Ludhiana Bank Robbery Caught On Camera


Whilst we feel that our money and valuable items are safe in the bank, they money and items cannot always be protected. Whilst it may feel safe to keep the money in the bank, it is not often we hear or see bank robberies in live. Whilst we have people …

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Short Film On Ram Rahim In Prison


Whilst in the public lime light, so-called messenger of God, Ram Rahim, could not be a full success with his film, which he self-directed, self starred and self sang in. It appears whilst some of his followers have started following elsewhere whilst others cannot fault there so-called baba. Even though …

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Sapna Di Bhain Gori Rani Aagi Market Vich


Whilst there are various things, jobs and tasks one can do in India. These jobs and tasks can help people progress in their lives, we often have crowds of people following things that will not necessarily assist their future, wasting time and their resources. Whilst the performer makes a lot …

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What Happened To Jyoti Nooran During Show


People are really becoming insensitive these days. And when they attempt to hurt a woman simply to make their displeasure felt, then it presents a very sorry picture of the society we live in. The video starts off with showing a singer sitting along with his entourage on stage in …

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How To Treat Pimples


Trying to the find the right treatment is not always easy whether you are looking for the right make up, the right diet, the right medicine or the right woman. An issue often found between woman is trying to look good and not have little things like spots or pimples. …

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Girl On Entertainment Show


Reality shows are becoming more and more unrealistic now-a-days. And when a contestant of a reality show plays with his or her life just to prove their mettle in front of the judges, then one cannot help but wonder as why they would risk their lives for the sake of …

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When Husband Caught Wife


The actions of a hurt husband, when he sees his wife having an affair with someone else, can be quite emotional and angry. And when this happens in a public place, then the effect is even more dramatic. The video starts off with showing a man holding a young boy’s …

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Babbu Maan With Foreign Fan


People just love to have a good time, no matter where they are, and no matter with whom they are. This video starts off with showing a young Indian man and an old Caucasian woman standing on a road in the countryside. The man is holding a makeup brush in …

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Side Effects Of Using Nail Polish


Women around the world use nail polish, different types of nail polishes are available. Different companies and different types of nail polishes are available. Millions of pounds are spent on nail polishes, however whilst they are used to colour and paint your nails, this may make them look good. However, …

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