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Men Misbehave With Dancer At Wedding


We have recently seen the videos of a singer being killed whilst she was working as a dancer on the stage. As the family of the girl stated, she was out working and earning a living. People often forget that the girls that are dancing are doing it for a …

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Get Rid Of Acidity In Just 1 Minute


There are a number of medicines available to buy over the counter for acidity. Although the medicines advice they have instant relief, it is often not true for people of the Asian Community. People from the Asian Community such India, Pakistan or Bangladesh have foods that are highly spiced and …

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Diljit Wants To Become Gursikh


Diljit Dosanjh has really taken the world by storm, he started off as a singer and is now an actor. He has had his share off controversies of the years, namely his song Kharkoo, which caused outrage. In fairness he did apologise for his mistake, whilst he ties a dastaar …

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Kuri Naal Dekho Ki Hoya


Whilst we have Big Brother watching us all over the world. Yes the term Big Brother has been used, because of the reality show, where Big Brother is watching over you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the show, whilst you stay with a number of different …

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How To Regrow Hair Faster


Losing your hair at a young age can be a nerve-racking experience. Although many do not wish to lose their at all. Whilst we have people cutting their hair into different styles, Sikhs are not supposed to cut their. Baptised Sikhs will not cut their or pluck their hair, as …

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90 Year Old Punjabi Woman Speaking English


Speaking your own mother language is a task in itself, however it is easier than learning a second language. Often your own mother language is spoken in the house, school, work etc. However the second language requires you to learn. English is a language spoken world-wide and offered in every …

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Reality Of Going To America Illegally


People in countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka wish to stay in foreign countries such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Europe etc. They are prepared to pay a huge amount to leave their own country. Whilst there is a demand, the agents are raking in the money …

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This Drink Will Make You Feel 10 Years Younger


We all have days when we feel older than we actually are. Most likely it is because we are run down or we are not well. We often require a recharge or a quick start to re-energize us. There are many products that provide a quick caffeine rush to wake …

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Preet Harpal Issues Reply To Controversy


A number of issues have recently been raised and concerns of Preet Harpal’s new song. Concerns and issues relating to the beadbi of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. The world knows of the respect Sikh’s have for Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and the outrage caused when there was various …

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Pakhandi Baba Di Kartoot Dekho


Whilst people are mostly born into a religion, whether you are Christian, Jewish, Sikh, Muslim or a Hindu. We all have teachings in different forms however we do not often wish to connect with the Almighty One directly. Regardless of your religion, there is One God, we all do believe …

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