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Thanedarni Ne Sirraa Laa Ta


With the rising affluence of Indian middle class, the money being spent on simple functions and ceremonies has risen to lavish levels. This video starts off with showing a sizeable public crowd sitting in front of a makeshift stage and a large screen on which a video is playing. Few …

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Kuriyan Di Khet Vich Video Hoyi Viral


Homely Indian girls have really been affected by western culture. And when traditional teenaged Indian girls start blindly aping their western counterparts, then one can tell that Indian culture does not have a bright future. This video starts off with showing three teenage girls wearing school uniform standing near a …

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Detecting Signs Of Heart Attack


A common occurrence within the South Asian Community is early risk of a heart attack. This is often related to high cholesterol foods that are consumed in their diets. There are other various symptoms which result in a heart attack. Knowing these symptoms are not always easy. Nor are knowing …

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Gurjant Ne Dekho Gori Naal Ki Keeta


Being a taxi driver allows a person to see people with different backgrounds and upbringings on a daily basis. Not all of these people will teach you something new and there will always be a few who you will want nothing to do with as they may have had one …

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Harman Cheema Ne Dekho Ki Keha Baki Singers Nu


With the growth of music industry in Punjab, and the rising popularity of Punjabi singers, the rivalry between the established singers also seems to be reaching a fever pitch. In fact, the rivalry has risen to such extents that the singers have started publicly accusing others of lifting their songs. …

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Talented Female Singer From Punjab


Budding artists, especially singers, have been hugely benefitted by the easy access and huge reach of social media. All one needs to become popular on social media is a camera phone! This video starts off with showing a pretty teenaged girl standing in the fields of a village. She is …

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Husband Makes Recording of Wife


Despite the tall claims of government that women are getting empowered, the reality on the ground is very different. Tales of women being forcibly married and abused can be regularly heard in today’s time. This video is a news clipping about such a harassed woman. The video starts off with …

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Relatives Catch Aashiq In Village


Romantic dalliances, common in towns and cities of modern India, are still highly frowned upon in rural villages of India. And when such a couple ends up being caught by the whole village of the girl then the boy really gets the stick for it! This video starts off with …

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Viaah Vale Din Kalol Hogi


Inadvertent and unintended slip of tongues can sometimes turn out to be very funny! This video starts off with showing the scene of departure of a bride after the wedding. The groom is standing next to open door of the car he is going to take the bride away in. …

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Ehna Da Chori Karan Da Tareeka Dekho


Thieves are becoming cleverer and brazen now-a-days. Moreover, when the theft is carried out in broad daylight in public stores, and that too by seemingly innocent and homely looking ladies, then it becomes very tough to pick the culprits out from the genuine customers. This video starts off with showing …

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