Spice Jet Plane Te Dekho Ki Hoya Kuri Naal


During the economic downturn all over the world, we noticed an increase in the number of flights travelling across the globe. The industry noticed an uptake in the demand for tickets in the tourist hotspots. This opened the opportunity for lesser known cities and countries to attract tourists and also …

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This Is What Foreign Countries Think of India


A lot has changed in India over the past few years. Most notably the change in power always brings drastic changes. In the overall picture the introduction of GST by current Prime Minister has caused a lot of upheaval and distress. In Punjab, we have seen a rise in the …

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Kuri Ne Sirraa Laa Dita


A common trend across India has seen the rise of female dancers being hired for events. What was once considered as a no go is now a booming business. Many of these dancers are able to work part-time and receive an education at the same time. The job of being …

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Teacher Takes Advantage of Student


Education is a necessity for everybody in life and should be taken seriously. In the current economic situation there are a lot of unemployed people. The majority of these people are vying for the same jobs in a limited field. Potential employers will hire those with the most experience and …

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What Happened With Punjabi Girl in Malaysia


There is a large settlement of Punjab people all over the world. Due to the hard-working nature of Punjabi people, they are able to adapt and blend into any society. They are also respected in foreign countries. However, we all know too well how little respect they have in India, …

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Shameful Behaviour With Woman At Beach


The way a person behaved is often a reflection of their personality and can go a long way it determining how they think. For some, peer pressure can make them behave in an unnatural way. However, the majority of people are care free and very independent nowadays. Sometimes a joke …

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Delhi Shooting Caught On Camera


It is fair to say a country like India can be unsafe at the best of times. The policing standard of the country is poor and those who run the country are also only interested in filling their own pockets. The entire future of the country is unstable. The crime …

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What Punjab Police Did With Underage Girl


India is amongst the unsafe places in the world when it comes to receiving any help from the police. This story from Hoshiarpur highlights just some of the situations innocents experience. We hear from a family who has their 15-year-old daughter snatched by the police after a drugs raid resulted …

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Bevkook Bande Ne Dekho Ki Keeta


Every parent has their own methodology when it comes to raising their children. The upbringing of a child impacts on the type of person they become when older. The majority of parents want nothing but the best for their child. However, some are too strict for their own good and …

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Besharam Kuri De Kam Dekhlo


We have entered an age in this world where people will put their self interests ahead of those of their family. Nowadays we tend to see people unwilling to talk through their issues and will instead make rash decisions which they may later regret. In a country like India which …

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