Lakha Sidhana v Sikander Maluka


Over the years we have seen many politicians make various promises, various political parties making various promises in public however they do not always follow them through. At the time of the elections politicians make the promises in order to get the votes it is not until the common person …

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Benefits Of Reusing Tea Bags


There are different food that have different benefits. Whilst a number of foods have health benefits, they can be eaten and can help reduce diabetes, cancer, lose weight and help with different aches and pains. We have all heard about onions, garlic, lemons and honey, etc. We have another item …

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Punjabi Gabroo Ne Kuttya Police Wala


We have heard of the “Great Khali” a Punjabi wrestler in the WWE. WWE is known for the wrestling entertainment in USA. The Great Khali was a constable in the Punjab police when he spotted and taken into wrestling. Since then we have Jinder Mahal that has joined the entertainment …

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Nooh Naal Dekho Kihni Zabardasti Hoyi


Whilst many daughters have been killed before they are born, there are some families that have brought up their daughters like sons. They have given their daughters an upbringing that puts them on the same level as sons. For families that have daughters, getting them married is a big thing, …

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Ram Rahim Ne Hun Dekho Ki Keeta


Ram Rahim is has a following around the world. Whilst people have stopped having faith in the Almighty One, they have started to follow people who advise that they know the future. Various comments have been made by this individual over a number of years. His comments have caused various …

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Unhealthy Effects Of Too Much Tea


We have recently heard that tea bags have various health benefits. For many people they take the benefit of drinking the tea and then using the used tea bag for their health benefits. People around the world drink tea and coffee, whether it is the first thing in the morning …

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Love Marriage Karn Da Nateeja Dekhlo


Many many years ago, it seems, the tradition was to have arranged marriages. Whilst things have changed over time, at a point there was a time where men and women did not see who one another was before they got married. They often relied on their families to arrange the …

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Eho Jehi Ghatiya Wife Kise Nu Na Mile


When a marriage takes place, it is not only a marriage between two people, it is also like a marriage between two families. At this point two families get together. Families always want a girl to be the one that keeps the family together and does not break them up. …

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Health Tip To Lose Weight Fast


We often look for the easiest way to lose weight. Losing weight via dieting and going to the gym is often a long process. A set back we often face is that it takes longer to lose weight and you can put weight on very easily. Whilst months can be …

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Ehna Ne Ta Poori Sharam Laa Diti


We see many people who are two-faced. For one person they are the nicest person and for others they are the worst a person can be. There is one thing to be two-faced in the big bad world and to use yourself in the wrong way. It is not right …

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