UK Government Statement Shocks The World


In the past few days we have seen the discovery of documents which proved UK played a major hand in the attack on Darbar Sahib in 1984. The Conservative party at the time was in power and they hatched a plan with Indira Gandhi to plan a surgical strike and …

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Extremist Hindu Group Try To Burn Sikh Man Alive


Whilst the Sikh population abroad continues to grow in strength and is respected, the same cannot be said for those Sikh families in India. The ideology of India is to kill off the minorities and have one single race. Those who are in power of the country also follow the …

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Police Officer Who Encountered Vicky Gounder Exposed


Punjab police has a longstanding record of being duplicitous and conniving. The force has a reputation of doing as they please to suit their needs. In recent months they have come to the fore again with false cases planted against British citizen Jagtar Singh Johal and the torture of the …

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Sidhu Moosewala At Delhi Airport


Punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala returned back to India for the first time since his worldwide success. The singer/student has been living in Toronto, Canada and studying as well as singing in the mainstream music industry. Within the last year he has had a number of smash hit tracks which have …

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Sidhu Moose Wala Arrives In Punjab


In the Punjabi music industry there was a breakout artist in the name of Sidhu Moose Wala in 2017. He has taken the success from his opening tracks and has become a worldwide sensation. The singer currently stays in Toronto, Canada as a student. However, today he returned to his …

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Hindu Extremists Caught Selling Weapons In Punjab


The state of Punjab is headed towards turmoil as the temperature amongst the Government and the Sikh population continues to boil. With the visit of Justing Trudeau having passed, India made a point of raising the issue of Khalistan when nobody within the Canadian cabinet chose to talk about this …

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Footage From Funeral of Sridevi


Bollywood actress was finally laid to rest today in a funeral which seen the major stars of the Bollywood industry turn out at. The event became overshadowed by who did and who did not turn up. In what has become the main headline news for major news channels across India …

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The Real Reason Behind Death of Sridevi Revealed


It has only been a few days since the death of major Bollywood actress Sridevi, in that time we have seen other actors and actresses share their shock and disbelief. The actress was only 54 years old at the time of her death and it was reported she died of …

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Dharmendra on Passing of Sridevi


Bollywood actress Sridevi Kapoor passed away of a reported heart attack at the age of 54 on 24 February 2018. During the prime of her career, Sridevi was amongst the highest paid actresses as she dominated the Bollywood field and worked alongside the biggest names in the film industry within …

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